Winston End of Life — Ideas for Helm?

With the recent end-of-life announcement about Winston, I wonder if there are any technologies that would be useful to incorporate in Helm?

Clearly, some of the issue is that Apple’s announcement about decoupling IP addresses with specific users was problematic. And I found the product rather buggy. But I did like the peer-to-peer sharing aspect of the product.

Privacy is a tough market. Everyone wants it, but no one wants to pay for it.

I have a lot of questions. First, why have I never heard of this company? I’m always looking for things like this online and have never come across Winston. I mean, I remember the Space Monkey that I thought would be adopted without fail. Well! We know where they are today. I believe Vivint purchase them. Second, what is the reason for Winston’s demise? Going over the website I see that software may perform some of the functions that the Winston device claim to do. Also, the VPN isn’t the true answer to absolute ( I use absolute loosely) online privacy. I know you say it is buggy and that alone can sink a product.

I just purchased a 3node from and sent a message to TheHelm support to see if their device could accomplish any of what the 3node is claiming to do. You may want to check it out.

I loved Winston, although it was a bit buggy and always felt like a late-stage beta.

Some of its functionality was cool, including its rewrite of cookies and trackers. That said, a combination of NextDNS with all the filters turned on, a a proxy, and anti-fingerprinting add-on’s in Firefox accomplishes pretty much the same thing, with fewer hiccups. And it plays better with Apple.

Speaking of, what would you all like to see when v 3 of Helm rolls around? For me, I’d love to see inclusion of anti-fingerprinting technology.

As for the whole ‘decentralize the internet’ aspect of 3node, the Internet Computer from Dfinity is trying to accomplish this too using blockchain. Just to share new tech ideas.

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How far along is the Dfinity project? It looks like it is not yet available to end users, but the concept was fascinating

Tbh, not sure. But they don’t seem to be targeting consumers as the ‘farmers’. The nodes cost $10k so kind of prices out the consumer.

There was a company some time ago that came up with a peer-to-peer device that connected to public hotspots, then anonymized throughput. It was yanked off the market very quickly, and the suspicion in many circles is that it got a national security letter. That offends me, as privacy and anonymity are fundamental human rights. But can’t remember the name.

It’s worth noting too that even secure systems can be bad news. I had a Hushmail account some time ago and did absolutely nothing illegal or unethical about it. But I was in civil litigation, and the other side lied to a Canadian judge and got access. Everything but the subject line was encrypted, but it was a shared account used by dozens of members of my family as a discussion board, so some of the stuff — like details of my Mom’s terminal illness — or blind personal ads on some of the account aliases — were not really for public consumption. And even though Hushmail encrypts everything, they capture so much metadata, including referrer, geolocation, and more, that any notion of privacy is pretty much shot.

Excuse me - I’m long with the wind and detailed in experience of my life’s aptitude over the years.
Hey I have herd of the Winston device and questioned their team but didn’t like my answers so I held off. It was I’d found one Winston unit on ebay for sale and wanted to know how the lifetime subscription would transfer over to a new owner of the device it’s registered on. In the mean time I still looked and found the crowd funding campaign on a World’s 1st Decentralized VPN & Firewall- For life. Man it’s ran a long time now and still going…but sold out for now and promises to come back with new perks.

I did invest in two decentralize vpn units in June 2020 and waited for time to pass. Read contributors comments left there weekly, and the campaign owners comments or common sorry for delays of starting it in a co-vid pandemic. They’d been around awhile and progressed in unit builds of upgrades in models. I found out or realized they had no forum on their own and relied on other mediums to spread any word. Mean time I’d worked out a deal for10 more units. As time passed on in one of the other mediums they used, it said this device was going to be sold out of best buy as well. Now it’s Nov. time 2020 where I’d sough and received a complete refund of twelve units. My advise is look for the hype of and in what’s offered. Not everything is a benefit and tokens needed for use to private surf in an inter-circle of the internet is like hiring a streaming service to me.

I’m glad to sponsor a device I knew nothing of two days ago. Then really happy Helm is not coming out with the VPN aspect right off the bat, but to our email or electric identity benefit. If it’s going to have a subscription and you do supply your own domain why can’t I buy a MULTIPLE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION at a discount - - or if I renew for five years give two years free. Comments are welcome. By the way it’s my first comment in this community. KISS some times is ok, you know keep it simple stupid, but my mind races. Hello all.

I’d suggest not buying the Winston unit. The peer-to-peer app that forms the infrastructure behind the system is being allowed to fade off into the sunset and will gradually cease to function. At this point, there’s nothing in the works that would keep it running.

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Good to know.
Their is the fact that when a decentralized peer device uses tokens (bitcoin style system) for usage pay or users profit. And the updates are closed to the users inspection how can you be sure it’s being run with the tally count fairly I ask you?
In that type of system they come up with a token (bit coin) and sell off a bunch fast and then produce the device as the 1st decentralized VPN did and profit both ways. You need one for the other - closed circle. Though early 1st de VPN was they were giving away units free to make the market niche from the ground up. Now I believe you can load their software on computers. Thing at the time for mobile use was and still may be you had to drag the device nano or mini with you.
So there are different routes being offered but covering your email and phone base halts a lot of your privacy intrusions.