Who actually owns your HELM provided domain?

When I acquired my HELM I was given the option to acquire a new domain. I am now close to the point where I don’t think the product and service is stable enough to continue as my email solution. I am starting to look elsewhere - potentially even hosting on my web enabled NAS.

Has anyone left HELM and taken their domain with them? Any guidance on that process?

We are in challenging times and keeping connected is even more important than usual. Last week they failed to renew my domain. This morning my two devices simply stopped responding and I’ve yet to hear from support.

I think it is getting time to cut and run.

I also chose to move on from Helm.

I was told that I could transfer the domain to my registrar and Helm would charge a small fee to facilitate that. I chose to not transfer it and let it go. If I’m not mistaken domains go into a sort of limbo and will eventually become available after some time.

I would push to have them do that soon if you really want the domain, it’s my opinion that the company is on life support and the plug may get pulled at any time.

Hi -

You opened your ticket at around 4AM PST and we responded within 4 hours. Without getting into the details of the support ticket in this public forum, the issue was resolved by a change on your side - there were no issues with Helm affecting connectivity.

Regarding domain ownership, we do transfer domains if customers decide to leave and there is a small fee associated with that. You can contact support to being that process if you wish.


Hi -

We are in great shape and actively working on new features and a new version of our product.