Where is the Storage Upgrade Feature?

The option to drop your own 2.5" drive into the storage sled and expand the storage has been advertised since day 1. Hell, it’s even up on the website RIGHT NOW:

So… where is it? Does it work? I have too much email for the original 128GB; and I bought this with the understanding I could upgrade the storage. And here we are a year later and doesn’t seem to be available.

So - what’s the ETA? It’s incredibly disingenuous to be advertising this as a feature when it isn’t one.

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I’m sick and tired of it too. When I asked about it, dozens of times, it seemed like I was being nodded at when someone pretends they’re listening, so I stopped asking about it several months ago.

I kept getting the same answer from @giri and @helm_community. It’s coming out but we can’t tell you any timeframe.

I brought people on to Helm for this feature, specifically. Helm told me not to wait for this feature release, because it’s coming soon. That was back in September 2019. This I have in writing.

They’re putting all their attention into version 2. Luckily I also have it in writing this feature will come to Version 1.

If the feature is released with v2, before v1 gets it, I think a lot of people will lose it.

We understand your frustration about this feature and we’re sorry that we haven’t lived up to expectations. When we first shipped we had validated that the hardware that supports the 2.5" SATA drive was functional and felt like we would be able to relatively easily add the software support to enable it. However, we’ve run in to a pretty substantial data corruption issue when we enable encryption on the secondary drive. This is something that was completely unexpected which has significantly delayed our ability to release the feature. The security of the data that is stored on your Helm is of critical importance to us and it’s an area where we don’t want to make compromises. The Helm is unique in that it provides seamless full disk encryption without the user having to enter a secret. This we felt was a requirement for a server type of product where if a reboot happened we didn’t want the server to be down waiting for user input. But, that introduces complexities in software and has in this case resulted in things taking much longer than expected.

We are working hard to resolve the data corruption issue. These type of issues are not easily estimated and so we apologize that we can’t provide an ETA.



Will we get VPN, added storage and addtional nextcloud features with the current device? I also purchased it with the understanding that I would get more storage; the VPN would be nice, but for me isn’t critical and addtional Nextcloud features would also be very nice. However most important is more storage.

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