What's your threat model?

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • RED

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Me I’m nothing more than a practicing novice for years now.
Caught wind of the web harm about 2009 after my laptop purchase but surfed some on the phones browser a little before that.
Had Gmail, Ymail, Rocket mail (Y-Mail sub) and did everything on one browser and each mail service like I knew no better.

Then been kind of shacking the privacy tree all along since especially on what I’d read. So I concur in Helm’s thoughts your email and phone are the most dangerous threats to us.
That in a nutshell is the two main points of weakness we all accept till now boarding the Helm personal server and service ride.

To me you just can’t do legal business being totally anonymous though what does work for many sites to conceal myself I try and use.
Talking of VPN, anti-Virus, multi-facet featured Ad Blockers and all being installed as software where I see little need for browser extensions I despise.
Are you mainly going online for a specific purpose as I feel helps define your current threat mode, as if your going where your known or not. Like a logon you’ve made for months.
Then again are you just browsing for something you can’t find where you patronize usually or hunting general knowledge about a subject?

So what’s your most used threat model going with options of-
Green - little defense if any
Yellow - some added defense with what works in your web activity
Orange - higher than usual and breaks some sites
RED - fortified heavy breaks many sites and you tend to use Tor, bit-coins, anonymize everything as much as possible

Thanks for answering my Poll ; )

Most definitely red, except for the bitcoin aspect. I favor security and privacy over ease of use.