What size are you getting?

I am really excited to get rid of Google and have my own email server. I am thinking about placing an order for a 512GB Helm V2, however, I am now thinking about change that to 1TB. But I am hesitant because of obviously the increase in cost and the possible capability of using an external drive for more storage space. I am also planning on using the helm for cloud storage through the Next Cloud service, however, I do not have 1TB of data that I need accessible at all times. Additionally, since Helm is only offering a 1 year warranty, I am hesitant to spend more money on a larger hard drive capacity with the possibility of the device failing after the warranty has expired. So I am curious of what size you are getting and why that size?

I went for the 1TB because “you never know”. If you haven’t already considered it, you might want to pay with a no fee credit card where you can make the payments back to the lender over a set period of months without having to pay all at once. I think with Paypal Credit you can make payments for up to 6 months without getting hit with interest.

Go for the highest storage you can - you will grow into it and you can back it up with a NAS. I use a home cloud server (NAS) from WD. I don’t want anything in a public cloud.

If you check the interview with Giri here (from April 5th) https://youtu.be/4TFFJ_uDHSM @ 15:26 Giri indicates 70% are taking the larger storage.

I ordered the 1TB both because it wasn’t that much more expensive and I want to make sure I have as much growth potential as I can. I rely on my email and I also hope to use the nextcloud storage options.