What Happens to my Email if my Helm server is down?

Latter this year I will be doing a long distance move, meaning my Helm will be unconnected for at least a week during the move.

What happens to my email? Will it be saved somewhere until it is reconnected to the network? Or?


You’ll want to find an alternate solution. Many servers will try again to send an email win 24 hours but that isn’t something you want to count on. I had a couple of issues (not related to Helm) where I changed email addresses or accidentally took my old server offline and an email bounced. My bank then removed that address from my account and it was a pain to get it back online. I would say Fedex it to a friend or temporarily have your email hosted someplace like runbox.com or something like that. You could always combine whatever ends up on the server with what you have on the helm when you’re back online.

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Depends on how technical you are, or how much effort you want to go to.

  1. as somebody else suggested, fedex it to the new destination or have somebody host it for you while you move and then send it to you. That said, unless you pay for something like 2day, it may not be significantly different in downtime (long distance shopping, in the us, is not uncommon to be 3-5days).

  2. setup a vps running postfix to queue mail for 2wks and change your mx records to point there. Once your helm is back online, configure postfix to relay your mail to the new IP and put the mx record back.

  3. let email bounce or be delayed for a week and deal with it.

  4. you might be able to get internet setup at the new location, take your helm on a flight there and leave it running while you take your slow move.

There are probably other ideas I haven’t come up with.


Or get a 4G MIFI and keep it connected once every day to get the emails while in a move.

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Thanks guys, some good ideas.
I think that I will keep it with me as trip travel time should be just over 24 hours and I will use my phone as a 4G hot spot or perhaps my van’s 4g connection.

I am waiting on my V2 to arrive, so there is time to decide.



Can we just take a second and recognize how amazing that this is technically possible.