What email clients are people using

I am running two HELM devices and have a lot of different clients in play (phones, tablets, etc.) For those using a PC I have been leaning toward EM. For those using various android devices I really have not found a preferred answer. Me personally have been happy with the native email client on my samsung hardware.

So to the few of us here - what email client would you recommend to an android user who is getting email, calendar, and contacts from a HELM device. (Note I stay away from outlook due to calendar support)

I’m using K9 for email on Android. Very happy with it so far. Using default contacts/calendar so far. Haven’t found a better option yet. Most of the all in one clients are very iffy or traffic your data through their own servers.

Curious to hear about other’s calendar/contacts choices.

I’m curious what Mac users will recommend…

I use Helm email on macOS, I just use the built-in Mail app and it works fine and dandy.

Agree native apps in MacOS are good - mail.app and calendar.app (and notes if that’s your thing) on MacOS. Mail and Fantastical on iOS (or calendar, I guess). The apple calendar app is among the most ecumenical - it speaks everything except Sharepoint (Exchange, iCal/Helm, google, icloud…)

I use Thunderbird on my desktop, and just the default Windows Mail app for my laptop. The Windows Mail app isn’t too feature rich, but it does the job, which is what I want.

I have yet to find a great solution for Android, as my default email client is Gmail, and everything else seems too complicated/stores your data somewhere. For now I’m using Edison Email, which is pretty nice and lightweight, and seems pretty trustworthy.