What email clients are people using

I am running two HELM devices and have a lot of different clients in play (phones, tablets, etc.) For those using a PC I have been leaning toward EM. For those using various android devices I really have not found a preferred answer. Me personally have been happy with the native email client on my samsung hardware.

So to the few of us here - what email client would you recommend to an android user who is getting email, calendar, and contacts from a HELM device. (Note I stay away from outlook due to calendar support)

I’m using K9 for email on Android. Very happy with it so far. Using default contacts/calendar so far. Haven’t found a better option yet. Most of the all in one clients are very iffy or traffic your data through their own servers.

Curious to hear about other’s calendar/contacts choices.

I’m curious what Mac users will recommend…

I use Helm email on macOS, I just use the built-in Mail app and it works fine and dandy.

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Agree native apps in MacOS are good - mail.app and calendar.app (and notes if that’s your thing) on MacOS. Mail and Fantastical on iOS (or calendar, I guess). The apple calendar app is among the most ecumenical - it speaks everything except Sharepoint (Exchange, iCal/Helm, google, icloud…)

I use Thunderbird on my desktop, and just the default Windows Mail app for my laptop. The Windows Mail app isn’t too feature rich, but it does the job, which is what I want.

I have yet to find a great solution for Android, as my default email client is Gmail, and everything else seems too complicated/stores your data somewhere. For now I’m using Edison Email, which is pretty nice and lightweight, and seems pretty trustworthy.

I have a Motorola G6 and use Google’s apps for mail, calendar and contacts. No complaints. Fast and reliable with frequent updates. (I access 6 Helm accounts and 1 google account from the phone)

For my Mac laptop, I’ve used Spark, Airmail and Thunderbird. Eventually came back to built-in Apple mail, calendar and contacts as they all do most of what I need.

I have a Linux laptop running Debian. For that I use Evolution for mail, calendar, contacts. blah… slow and not very modern UI.

Are you using the native calendar director or are you using HELM SYNC? I did not realize androids calendar supported the protocol HELM uses.

My android phone uses Helm Sync (CalDAV) for my calendar & tasks and my wife’s calendar (read-only). Address book is also synchronized (CardDAV).

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I have theBat anyone using it with Helm?
I’ve yet to put it on my laptop that I got it for because it’s running latest windows os. I despise the new and prefer 8.1 that metro is tamed in.

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I highly recommend FairEmail on Android. It is as private as can be, actively developed, looks nice, and supports pgp & s/mime encryption.

For Windows/Linux I use and recommend Mozilla Thunderbird.

Regarding calendar and contacts, if you are not already, use Helm Sync app. I haven’t had any problems with it and Helm has support articles for how to set it up.

The app I use and recommend for using calendar is Etar. It’s open source and available on F-Droid. It works great and what I love most of all is the support for multiple colors for various event items for my helm calendar. Otherwise, I had to have one color used for everything on the native Samsung calendar app. What an eye sore.

For contacts, the native contact app on my Samsung has been fine.


Anyone have anymore suggestions for Mac or iOS? Since I am concerned with privacy, I do not want to use Spark since I have heard bad things. Does anyone like Spike Mail?

You are correct to be concerned about 3rd party apps as many of them sync credentials and emails unbeknownst to the user.

macOS Mail.app is a very popular choice

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Anyone have any idea if the native android mail app collects any data (emails, credentials, etc) from your IMAP account when using this app?

I use Fairmail on Android and it works great.


If you’re a mail power user, I can’t say enough good things about MailMate for the Mac. It is by far the best email for the Mac since Eudora (for those of you old enough to remember that). Many of my good Internet-geek friends and I swear by it. https://freron.com/

I’ll check it out. I normally use Apple’s Mail.app … tried Spark and AirMail but always went back to Apple’s mail

Yes, I do remember the Eudora days too. Showing our age?! :blush:

@resnick do you know if this MailMate app syncs my email account credentials to their servers? Does it integrate with the Apple Calendar app, or via CalDAV server, so as to send responses to calendar invites and add them to my calendar?

I’m not totally sure what you mean by syncing your email account credentials to “their servers”. MailMate is a Mac app that only accesses the IMAP server that you connect to. The only place it saves your credentials is locally on your Mac.

As for integration with the Calendar: There is a plug-in (MailMate calls it a “Bundle”) that comes with it to do Calendar integration, but I haven’t used it. I just click on the invite attachments and they go into Calendar. Responses are handled on the CalDAV server end, not through the mail client, as far as I can tell.

A lot of mail and calendar apps are actually “services”. They collect your mail for you, “prettify” it, then serve it to you. Many of them are incredibly vague about the fact you are actually connecting to their servers and they are connecting to your email servers. Quick example is Spark…