What can done about the poor spam filtering?

UPDATE Jan10: After a few weeks of manually moving junk messages from the Inbox to the Spam folder and good messages from Spam to the Inbox, spam filtering is noticably better. (Still a fair amount of junk in my inbox, but no false positives in the spam folder this past week.)

Checking my “spam” folder for the past week, each day’s items are no less than 20% legitimate messages - newsletters, receipts, security notifications, etc. One day was 50%+ false positives. This would be livable if I had zero spam in my inbox, but I still get a fair amount there too.

There are no (supported) functions to adjust anything spam-related, other than a single slider for intensity. No whitelisting of accounts/domains, no adjusting suspision higher for TLDs other than .com/org/.net/.gov, etc.

As far as I can tell, marking an email as “not spam” in an email client just moves it back to the inbox, but the spam filter doesn’t learn anything about it being incorrectly marked as spam. (This was incorrect. It does learn from messages moved from Inbox to Junk and vice versa. See below comments for more info.)

As currently implemented, the spam filter is nearly useless only “okay”. Are there any plans to improve it, and/or formalize/document/support the (external) tools/API that have been mentioned in other threads? Thanks!

Yeah I’m not impressed with the results either. I routinely get good mail marked as spam right now. And the opposite as well.

I spoke with Giri (I think?) over email and he said that moving mail out of the spam folder and into the inbox and from the inbox into the spam folder should teach the spam filtering.

But it’s been a few weeks now and I’m honestly seeing any improvement.

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If true, tht’s great! But it should be documented as a feature/function, rather than having to be discovered in the forums.

Ditto for me.

It is - https://support.thehelm.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009511453-Configuring-Spam-Settings

Indeed it is:
In addition to the Spam Filter, the system is designed to learn over time. Anytime an email appears in your inbox that you consider spam, move it to the Junk folder. This trains the system and subsequent similar emails will be identified as spam. Likewise, if an email ends up in spam that shouldn’t, move it to your inbox.

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A suggestion from someone who received boatloads of spam (I mean hundreds, if not thousands)!

First a note: my solution is not recommended by the Helm staff as it makes your email less private.

My solution is to use a spam service like SpamHero.com. I have my mx records pointing there. They do extensive filtering on my emails for all my users. I can log into my account and view quarantined emails. I can put as many/few filters on my emails as I want. Any missed spam you just forward to a ‘missedspam’ email address for your domain. It does cost, but 99% of my spam is gone. My stats for the last 90 days are Clean: 11,925 and Spam 9,154.

I used SpamHero in the past and it worked very well. It’s also rather counter to the idea of not having all your personal info known by some outside 3rd party.