What backup options do we have?

I understand we get 128GB of offsite encrypted backup with the subscription. What other options do we have on V2? If I’ve read correctly, I can add a drive to add space and/or backup the internal drive. Is there an option to do a backup to my NAS? It’s difficult to find details about space expansion or backup so far. Granted I’ve only been searching for an hour or two reading through the community and thehelm.com site.

Just received my email to pick drive space so it would be helpful to have this info before I have to decide.

Also, this question should probably be another topic, but will there be a subscription option that would be cheaper where I don’t want the offsite backup? If I can backup to my NAS then I can just backup my NAS important files along with my email backup to an existing offsite backup service.

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Hi there -

We are planning to offer additional tiers of subscription that will support backups up to 5TB (and possibly more) so this would cover everything on the Helm as well as additional storage connected to the Helm.

There are no options for local device or local network options at this time.