Weird network thing with files?

Before I pop this as an issue, I wanted to see if it is just me…

I have enabled the file sharing function on one of my HELM devices. When I am NOT on the same network (I have two completely separate broadband connections at home - one personal one work) everything works fine.

When I am on the same network - clients can not connect to the server for syncing. This is true for wired and wireless and for both PCs and mobile devices. I use the standard nextcloud clients on all my devices.

Is it just me?

This typically occurs if you are using networking equipment that does not support or has not enabled NAT loopback or hairpinning. We recommend checking with your cable modem and/or router support to see about whether this is supported and can be enabled.

Or add a “files” address on your DNS server that points to the internal IP address instead of relying on the public address. Try testing by going to the internal IP address from the same network?

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Can I access Nextcloud on Helm from a local IP address? It never seems to work for me. E.g., if I go to then nothing will load.

I have no problems accessing mine this way. Although you will get a cert error if you use an IP address instead of a URL.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Appreciate the pointers.