V2 Prep and External Storage

I am anxiously waiting on V2 to ship. In the meantime, I am planning the basics of my system and making plans. I’ve picked out my Domain name. I have “cleaned up” my 190 GB Google Drive to get a clean migration from there to NextCloud. I have archived my Kylook passwords so when I stop that service I’ll be good. I have a long list of places that I will need to transition from my Gmail to my new domain email after Helm is up and running.
Now I am considering a local SSD for local backup.
I have read that if an SSD is added to a V2 Helm Server that it needs to be USB-C. check
I plan on having a 1T V2 Helm Server, so I have picked out a SanDisk SDSSDE80-1T00-A25 SSD as my device.
Am I on the right track?
Your thoughts?

I plan to do the same. But first, I plan to get a USB-A to USB-C adapter so I can use my existing USB HDD (2TB).

Does anyone know if external hard drives need to have any special features. I’m thinking a specific type of encryption.

Since I have picked my @domain.com name, can it be “reserved” so when I do set up my Helm server that it is still available?
Or should I “buy” it on another platform, like GoDaddy dot com or some other provider, now and then transfer it to Helm when the time comes.
I am concerned that what I want won’t be available when the time comes to set up my Helm server.

From what I have read, there is not anything special about the external backup drives.
The Helm server encrypts data into packetts and moves them to the drive. So Helm is taking care of the encryption.
The only spec I am aware of is that it needs to connect to the V2 Helm server with a USB-C connection.

Does anyone know if you could use an usb-c external raid enclosure as the external storage for V2?

if you really want that domain, i’d get it now. delegating it to helm is super easy


It was a nominal investment via GoDaddy, but the domain is ours.
When the time comes, it will make its way to our V2 Helm Server.