V1 updates now that V2 has shipped?

I wanted to start a new thread on V1 updates. Thank you TheHelm for the release and security updates so far! Any word on allowing additional storage or do we just need to purchase a V2?


What can we expect with getting some long needed updates to get the promised features.


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Just bumping for info.


v1 owners should just accept what we were promised will never come to light and what we have now is all we will ever get. v2 owners will end up the same way as well. Mobile apps floating on 2 years since last updates, OS for at least v1 has been on 1.878 for quite a long time, refuse to share any real information on the actual maintenance of the OS we rely on them for. Can’t make up their mind if they are a wannabe NAS with email features or what this product was created for, privacy focused email solution. I think they should have saved that massive v2 ad budget to try and drum up sales to focus on actually solving multi year long issues, your customer base can help you skyrocket but if all your long term users are basically fed up why would they promote it unless you pay us. When I first got mine I talked 4 others into getting v1’s, I am the only one left because like me they were all fed up with the level of support and real transparency on the systems. I am begrudgingly renewing another year, but it’s probably my last after 4 years unless @giri wakes up and gets back to the roots of the mission and can actually deliver. I’ve paid a bunch for a device that doesn’t even do half of what was claimed. Now you’re advertising VPN yet where is that?

As they say, do one thing and do right


Any updates on this?

This is so disappointing to see that questions are not being answered.