Upgrade Path For V1 Owner to V2

Will the HELM team have a Upgrade Path available for Original Owners of TheHELM V1?
Has anyone discussed this? Being that we PAID Over $400.00 for a V1 with less capasity just saying.

A firmware update for the mail server would be nice. Haven’t seen anything since early 2020.

Yes - Helm V1 customers will be able to initiate and complete a backup and then restore from that backup to their V2.

Are there more details on this process? I have two of the earliest V1s, and am seriously thinking up a shift to the V2. I also hav a problem in that I MAY HAVE forgotten the original V1 password…the ling has been so stable I never needed it EXCEPT that I cant switch from my old phone to a new one for managing the device.

Hi Daniel -

We have posted upgrade instructions here: https://support.thehelm.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405018800915-Upgrading-from-Helm-v1-to-Helm-v2

If you have forgotten your V1 admin password, you can reset it as long as you have the USB key in your possession. You will want to delete the Helm mobile app, remove the Bluetooth association under settings and re-install and go through the setup process. You will be presented with an option to reset your password at that time.

I received my V2 yesterday and followed the migration instructions from V1 to V2. It’s been about 12 hours and it’s still restoring. Normal? My V1 was maybe half full. And I have a gig fiber connection.

Hi there - please contact support if you haven’t already. On an internet connection that fast, this is not typical.