The best platform to manage files?

I operate from a laptop with limited hard drive space. When i duplicate a large folder via Nextcloud client 3.4.1 windows, i receive a dialog regarding limited disk space. However, when the large folder is duplicated via the HTML https://files.[domain]:9443 the large folder is duplicated. The later shows the large folder both within the nextcloud client as well as the files.[domain] html page. Any suggests for managing files seamlessly between the two types of interfaces?

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I would not recommend relying on the NextCloud version built into Helm. Based on other reading in this forum, NextCloud comes out with new versions somewhat regularly and Helm is now on an unsupported version I believe. It’s not their core functionality, so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s not kept up as well as we’d like.

It sounds like you might want some Dropbox-like functionality. In that case, I would recommend a small Synology NAS, using their “Synology Drive” functionality, something similar to Dropbox as I understand it. I’ve not personally used it but I understand it is quite good. Synology sells small NAS units, with only a single drive, though if your files are of any importance, I’d suggest at least a dual drive unit.