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Thanks for posting the source.


Any updates? It’s been 4 months since the OP, and I’m guessing 6 months or more since units have been unavailable for purchase. :frowning:


No updates? Is Helm going the way of the PicoBrew? :frowning:

Hi @KGMe - as we have stated previously on the forums and through support tickets, there is a supply chain issue affecting v1. The novel corona virus situation in China further hindered the problem.

We are discussing internally the best way to proceed which includes possibly converted v1 pre-orders to v2 orders that are expected to ship this summer.

I have no complaints about rolling people forward. I think what people really want is to know (say on a monthly basis) that there are still lights on, and people working the problem. Even if the answer doesn’t change, having somebody continue to post that the problem is being worked would help.


Thanks, the summer expectation is great to hear. Hope it goes well!

Hoping support for adding drives comes sooner though.

@helm_community Whats going on with the V1 units you havent had stock in this product for months maybe November last year. I know there were supply problems with China, however thats resolved. I want to get a unit but im not putting down a 50$ deposit to find out you were out of business and not get my money back, i’ve done that a few to many times with Plastic and others. My questions is when will inventory be in stock to purchase, If you dont know when, why do you not know when? I dont see why or how you all could not know when you will have inventory to sell.

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Hi @JerryMorgan - unfortunately the supply chain issue affecting v1 has not been resolved. We understand the frustration around this - we’re not happy with the situation either. We also understand others have been burned by pre-orders of other products where they lost their money and the product never shipped. We have always refunded any customer who’s requested one and we’ve been clear that deposits are always refundable. We’re working to solve this problem but we are unable to provide any details on when we expect it to be resolved because that information is not available at this time.

We are taking substantially different measures for how our v2 is being developed so that the supply chain issues affecting v1 cannot occur again.


Hi @MZY -

This upgrade is a top priority for us and we’ve been working to get it ready for a broader release. It’s taking us longer than expected because we are releasing it with a significant platform upgrade that updates the kernel along with other system components. We’re continuing to work out these issues before the release is ready and will do a better job of providing more detailed updates going forward.

Giri (co-founder/CEO)


23 days ago:

Sorry, but I want my deposit back.

Any update ? When I placed a deposit in April, August was the anticipated month for helm v2


Hi there - thanks for your deposit. We have our initial prototypes for the v2 in hand and have brought them up. We’re in the middle of validating them. We’ll be posting a more detailed sticky in the forums with details on the new product, timelines, etc. Unfortunately, we will not be shipping in late summer as we had hoped due to delays and complications related to the pandemic and shutdowns. We are working hard to begin shipping in early Fall.


I ordered another unit last November and haven’t received a unit or any updates on it. Please advise.

Testing on our prototypes has gone pretty well for thermals and drop testing. We’re making some minor modifications to simplify the assembly process and to conduct additional rounds of testing. We continue to expect that new units will ship in the fall.


Great, appreciate the updates. Looking forward to receiving my order in due course.

Hi @helm_community support. It sounds like the V2 is around the corner. I don’t want to reserve a unit unless I can get a better sense of timing. If I were to place an order now, what is the estimated delivery time? Is this still “early fall”, which I would consider by mid-october? If so, I’d happily place an order!

hi @bigblue26 - we don’t have specific dates yet, but we’re working hard on getting it figured out. We’re still on track for fall, but it’s looking like November/December. Our final round of protos should ship out to us next week. We expect to begin kicking off tooling and buying material for mass production after we’ve validated the latest protos. We are seeing and hearing about some unprecedented delays on certain components - including PCBs.

I placed my order at the beginning of November 2019. It was a self gift for the coming holiday. I thought I’d probably wait a month which was OK. Its just about a year and still nothing. I hope I get mine soon. I’d like to think I’ve been patient enough.

I ordered a unit in March. It’s been 7 months and haven’t received a unit or any updates on it.