Sold Out - ETA on Helm

Great to hear. Very little communication in the blog and the shop page for an extended period of time. Paying for a new product and service in advance is risky when it is unknown as to when, or if, you might get it. Simple short update once a week would go a long way.

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I’ve been patiently waiting longer than a month and hope their product is worth the wait. It would be great customer service if the company gave us a rough timeline, such as “Q1 or Q2 of year 2020”. I understand they can’t give any promises and they’re a start up company, but at least notify us early investors a progress report to easy our minds in display of excellence.

Agreed. I almost purchased when they first launched and came back to find the sold out notice. Every time I checked there was no “buy” page update, blog update, note in the community section, nothing anywhere, almost as if the business was winding down- I’ve seen that happen previously elsewhere. Just will not pay in advance in hopes that someday a start-up second production run will ship, especially given how quite the user community is.

1st Post:
I’m looking forward to receiving my back ordered Helm. Glad to
see personal mail servers coming to market so folks can manage
their own coms.

In the mean time I will deploy my own to keep current. I’ll order
hardware Thursday, expect everything to arrive by Monday.

Can y’all suggest how long it’ll take to set up?


How long before you’re comfortable managing a UNIX system and internet accessible services and ensuring they are properly secured, patched, and protected? Probably not less than 2-3yrs.


In 1980 I was booting SYS III from Bell labs tapes. Built & managed LPL.Arizona.EDU until I retired a year ago. So quite comfy w/unix.

Had to focus on oldguy stuff … a week delay

BTW nice est on experience needed… Guess the time is a couple hours if you know what your doing?

Less time than reading/writing this thread.

Looking forward to being my own postmaster again,


Yeah, probably fair. Assuming everything goes smoothly and you don’t have to debug/troubleshoot anything. Or maybe a couple hours of debugging the ‘docker compose up’ for the prebuilt container and your environment. YMMV

Experience with reading data off tapes is good. You’re less likely to get frustrated with how slow things get :wink:

Just asked for a refund for my deposit ‘Paid on Wed, Nov 20, 2019’ because they still don’t have an ETA. Not sure why Helm is taking deposits and promoting their product when it’s backordered for a long unknown period of time. If they are a little more transparent, I would trust them. Not sure why they can’t give more details and what they are hiding… My guess is financial troubles. Probaly their first business, so they’re not sure what to do?.. The most common issues comes down to money, right? They could have made some financial mistakes that lead them to believe that they had all the funding needed to start up and promote Helm. Possibly a primary funder backed out? Could also be an organizational issue where management isn’t running business properly? Not trying to bash them, but being in the retail business, I understand the importance of customer centric service. To be blunt, It seems like they are hiding under a rock because of some internal fear.

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Agreed. Disappointing as I was an advocate when they first started up and let my network of information security friends know about the solution. Looks like another tech startup that is ready to implode given the lack of transparency.

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@HelmNewbie Wow… You’re still waiting! Giri (owner) has been a part of half a dozen startups, so this isn’t his first rodeo, but you can’t wait forever. Well, hopefully they read your post and make it right. Good luck to you!


It does seem awfully weird to be out of stock for so long and not have any updates. Wonder if they’re going through a hardware redesign?

I’m hopeful for the future of Helm. Even though it seems like it’s been primarily targeted for a home consumer market, I think it’s a very intriguing small business solution. A relatively painless way to break away from Gmail! :smiley:

I think we all are hopeful. In that same hope, I believe @helm_community should respond to the warranted speculation, because the conversation has already begun.


Hi everyone -

We’re working through a supply chain issue that is affecting our timelines for making more v1 HW at this time. That’s the cause of the holdup and we have been responsive to all customers who have contacted support to indicate we’re still working on dates and a customer can request a refund at any time.

Separately, as @KGMe speculated, we are working on a new iteration of the product and we’ll have more to say about that later!


This is really exciting! I have been a Helm user vey early on. One of the best and most reliable products I have ever owned. Can’t wait to see the V2 hardware.


Helm team, I think it’d be helpful to do like what is often seen on kickstarter’s and provide updates in a single place that’s easily viewable in a timeline like format.
If you don’t have the cycles to create a new webpage, consider leveraging this forum: Create a topic named something like “Product Ship dates” and another named “feature release updates”, lock it so that only support can post to it. Each time a date slips, add a post in the topic with an update. You can also use it as a chance to stir up excitement about “new and exciting product designs coming up”. It’ll reduce the anxiety and worry customers are having and get them excited, as we saw in the previous posts in this thread.
I don’t think customers should have to open a ticket or chat directly with you to find out what could be easily accessible, public knowledge.

And finally, provide some dates! A date that changes is better than no date at all.
Consumers, I’m sure you feel the same as me when I say I’d rather a well thought out product with no gaping security vulnerabilities and won’t catch fire on my server rack than new and exciting features that break-all-the-things. The feelings I’m observing here are totally understandable but then again, it’s not like they have competitors lol. A refund threat seems like a plan to stick with gmail. With that said, the lack of competitors speaks to the trail Helm is forging. Let’s see if they can start being more vocal and have a little patience as they get this right.


I have been a staunch supporter and defender of Helm, but it’s starting to get frustrating.

I have referred users to Helm who were asking me when the storage expansion firmware will be released. I couldn’t answer them.

I turned to @helm_community months ago for answers. I’m greeted with the same answer they’ve been giving me for several months, “soon.” My definition of “soon” must be very different from theirs.

I have friends and family disappointed with me, because I took what Helm told me and passed it to them and they used this information to make their decision to buy a Helm.

Specifically, the only reason why my referrals and I purchased this unit was the storage expansion, coming soon… supposedly! I really wish Helm would take this serious. Walk the walk. At this point words are just noise.


I totally hear you. It’s definitely not the greatest but I’m hoping they see that gap and close it. Being more vocal and and providing more eta‘s on products/features/sw updates along with status updates will go a loooong way to making us all feel more comfortable.


Agree with the recent comments. It’s about time we get some more detailed updates. I already paid my renewal fee, so no threat from me there. lol

If there really is trouble here, hopefully they stand firm with their promise to Ars…

But what if the company shuts its doors?

The gateway and backup Amazon dependencies raise one big question: if you spend your $500 on a Helm server and move all your stuff into it, and then Helm goes out of business, are you stuck with a worthless pointy plastic box that you can’t repurpose?

Once again, Helm support provided what I would consider to be the only acceptable answer: “If we cease operations, we will open source what’s required for customers to spin up their own service in an AWS account so the server continues to work. Similarly, the dockerized services will be open sourced next year so they can continue to stay current with security patches.”