Sieve GUI for Mac?

Hello Fellow Helmers…

I’ve been advised that Sieve works great with Helm. However, I’m trying to find a Sieve GUI that works with Mac, but not having much luck.

I’ve never used Sieve before, so I’m a total newbie to all this.

I really don’t care if the GUI is web-based or Mac/ computer based. I think I just need a push in the right direction because it’s all so foreign to me.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The Mac build is hard to find because it doesn’t go through the same testing process as the builds for other platforms. Here is a recent build artifact you can install on Mac:

I put a recent build artifact .zip file that I downloaded through the Jotti malware tester and installed it and it works great.

Define your server using the local IP address of your Helm, default port, accept the certificate error, and don’t forget to activate your scripts!