Shipping to Europe

Hi, I am looking forward to my own Helm V2.
Will it be able to order it from Europe? And will it be shipped to Europe?

Regards Peter

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Related information from a different post about a week ago:

Hi Helm,
I got to circle back on this, I’m located in the UK and been keeping my eyes on the Helm for a few years now. Is this or will this be available to ship to the UK when the v2 comes out?
I saw you could reserve it and also select country, don’t really want to reserve something that can’t ship here.


I reserved one anyway and I’m from the UK. If not, I assume we get a refund.

Yes - we shouldn’t have any issues shipping to the UK. International customers will be responsible for shipping and any duties/GST/VAT.


I am happy to see that international shipping will take place. So do you ship to Belgium and which carrier will you use?

yes - we will ship to Belgium using DHL or UPS, you should be able to select at the time of checkout

When do you exactly plan on having it in hand and will it ship from the US or China? I am not ordering until you have in hand!

We are working hard every day to get closer to shipping but we do not have an exact date yet. You can sign up on our mailing list to be notified and/or follow along for updates here: Helm V2 Product Development Updates - #54 by giri

Orders will ship from the US.