Shipping delays, issues, etc

So how is it going folks, are you actually receiving units you order? I tried to get one about six months ago but after way to many delay excuses (lost & stolen shipments oh my!) etc. I gave up, but has this changed any and why are there no details regarding this in the community?

I ordered my V2 and received it a month later. No issues at all with my order. That was Dec to Jan.

Had you not canceled your order you would have it. :roll_eyes: Got mine last September and never looked back. It’s been rock solid since I installed it 7 months ago.

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I ordered mine back in January. They initially said it would ship this month, but it got pushed back another month.

I’m in the same boat at blakeman, I have it on order, haven’t paid for it as no link has been provided but I’m told 26 days as of today. We’ll see.

I’m in the same boat as well.

About a month ago my ETA to shipping suddenly jumped down to being shipped in 10 days. But then it jumped up again to being more than a month away. Presumably a shipment that was expected suddenly got delayed.

I’m currently given an estimated ship date of 17 days from now (and I too haven’t been sent a payment link yet so I gather that is not a guarantee).

I really appreciated that last year the company was giving updates every couple of weeks on where shipping was in relation to the order queue, but that seems to have stopped for this year. Presumably the supply chain has made things even more fragile, but still, it would be nice to hear.

I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t drag on too long as I like probably quite a few people am looking to have my Helm replace email for what I had been using for the last 10 years, Google for Domains. I’ve got quite a few aliases setup in Google, so am hoping for some time to get familiar with the Helm before I switch it all away from Google!

I ordered mine last April and it arrived in October. After managing my own server for years and using paid-for services, I couldn’t be happier with The Helm. Your patience is worth the wait. Considering all of the supply chain issues, as well as recent lock-downs in China (anyone pay attention to the news the last 2+ years?) , I think that The Helm team have done a tremendous job and great service to their customers. I have had some technical issues, and get terrific support.

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Same scenario here. Was actually down to 7 days a couple of days ago. Checked today and it’s back up 25 days. Ordered back in February. Hope to get it soon. And I agree. Would be nice o get updates like was done in the past.

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You all are more patient than me :roll_eyes: :unamused:, I am still fighting proton and tutanota, both stink. I wish somebody could come up with a solid product start to finish from sales, QC, shipping, and promises all the way to tech support. Guess I need to reinvent the wheel myself.

@proton iRedMail may be an option you’ll want to investigate. Takes some effort to maintain. I ran as a VM for previous small business (mine) but had a bad upgrade and bailed, although I could have paid for support. In the long-run, The Helm was the better choice for my use case.

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And yet another delay. Was down to 1 day. Thought that this was finally it. Then… BOOM… back up to 20 days… Ordered in February. So hard to be patient…

Feel everyone’s pain. Ordered in Jan when Google announced the free tier Workspaces/Suite/etc. would no longer be grandfathered. I was already looking to leave anyway. Thought I would have plenty of time… I am now a paying Google Workspace customer as time ran out and today was the cutoff. Haven’t decided if I’m going to cancel Helm yet as I really don’t want to DIY self host again. I used a V1 Helm for a client a while back and it works pretty well for them.

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I check in periodically to see if things have changed, I guess they haven’t a year later. I wish this project all the luck in the world, really i do! It’s a shame it’s not going smoother, at least not yet (from a new buyers point of view).

just received an email saying v2’s in stock now, but website still shows 4-8 weeks to ship, is that correct?