Setting Up Questions

So I received my Helm V2 and started setup yesterday. Everything seems to have gone well. I did restore and now when I open the Helm App on iPhone it says everything is restored, that the HELM is online and even if I look at files, it shows ACTIVE.

However, if I try to access the nextcloud files though the Nextcloud App on phone or desktop or via the browser, it doesn’t appear to be working. Why would it say its active in the Helm App if not working?

Also, I never used the physical key to restore. It was an option in the iPhone app. So, my question is, how do I get the new key that came in the package to be my backup key?

I had this issue as well. Rebooting the device sorted this out for me. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

How do you see the files? WHich app do you use?

Once you have turned on the files feature inside of the Helm app you can use the Nextcloud client for your device (android, Pc, etc) to see the files. You can also access them by going to https://files.(your domain name):9443.

Yes, i either go to https://files.(domain).com:9443 OR use the NextCloud App. Since my post earlier, i have rebooted server and now email works but files still doesn’t even though it shows ONLINE in the helm app. If I try to access via web, the page never loads and if i use the NextCloud app, the files aren’t updating, its just the what was on my phone before I updated.

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So its all working fine now. I had forgotten to update my router so that port forwarding on port 9443 was pointed to the Helm. So, it wasn’t working because the new helm had a different internal IP. So, after I deleted the old helm my my router and create port forwarding to the new one, files work perfectly.

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Please remember to create a DHCP reservation for your Helm so it can maintain the same IP going forward and the rule will continue to apply

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How did you do that? I would like to learn more.

You create a DHCP reservation and port forward on your routers firewall. There are some instructions for various routers in the Helm support. However, many routers are not included. You also need to make sure you create the reservation and port forward all your routers. So if you have a router from your internet provider and then attach another router (like with a mesh network) you have to do the reservation on both routers.

I have done the port forwarding and I think it has the same domain number. How do I create a DHCP reservation in a FIOS router?

Update - I set up a static lease for the Helm - lets see if that does the trick