Service Renewal, Helm, and the Future

Just wondering, with Helm out of stock for such a long time, what seems to be a dearth of updates the past few months, what lies ahead for Helm? I use the service every day and enjoy having my email under my control, but what happened to VPN, additional storage, nextcloud apps, or even multi-helm redundant configurations?

It seemed the sky was the limit when Helm was released, but seems things have become quiet as of lately.

Just some thoughts as I received my renewal notice as of a few days ago.

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From what I understand, Helm is working on a new product. Helm is having some issues with some of their suppliers with the current Helm, hence the delay. They said their product will be back as soon as possible.

When I reached out to Helm they assured me the storage expansion is nearly done and it will be released soon. That came directly from Giri.

I too am waiting for a lot of these features to be released. I’m not sure what all will be in the new firmware release, coming soon, aside from storage expansion.

Helm will not give any specific release dates as a matter of protocol, but they might tell you what all is coming in the next release, if you reach out to them.

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Just to clarify, you mean they are working on new hardware to replace the existing hardware?

My first Helm hardware failed and now wondering how many others had this problem and that’s why they’re working on new hardware? Helm claimed at the time hardware failures were very rare. To their credit, Helm was great about sending a quick replacement.

But if there is some common flaw with the original hardware hopefully they’ll take care of their early adopters through some type of swap/exchange program.

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My Helm hasn’t given me any issues. I’m not sure if they’re working on a Gen 2 or a totally different product. I won’t speculate yet.

Helm mentioned it in a different feed here in the community. I don’t think Helm will be handing out new products to consumers, regardless of early adopters or not.

It wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. They might offer a deal for current Helm owners, but giving away their products is a stretch, although it would be nice.

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Hardware failure rates are roughly 1% for the v1. We are working on a new product for a variety of reasons but hardware reliability is not one of them given how well the v1 has performed in the field.

As @MZY mentioned, we have a slew of updates coming and we’re resolving some bugs before we push them out.


I cannot wait to see the new features coming to the Helm. You all have been great to work with and I’m looking forward to the new product.


Fingers crossed the storage upgrade comes soon! :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I know they are working hard on it. It would appear they are very close based on what they have stated.

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