Seeking feedback on my Helm domain setup


I’m finally getting my Helm; it’s supposed to be delivered today, so I can not wait!

First, I have a few questions or seek your opinions on how I plan to set this up.

I already own a domain, which is [familyname].net, for my emails, but I don’t want that to be the primary Helm domain. Instead, I’m going to set up a new domain with Helm, maybe something like [familyname] or [familyname] or something like that. I then plan to add the [familyname].net to Helm and create all my email accounts and aliases there. So, I don’t plan to use the primary Helm domain name for emails.

I do this because I have many subdomains already with DDNS on the [familyname].net domain, and I don’t want to move the DNS to Helm. I know I can still manage the domain if I move it to the Helm (right?), but I want it to be separate.

First of all, does this setup make sense? And second, is the secondary domain email still stored securely? I guess the gist of my questions is if I miss any Helm functionality by just using the secondary domain only.

This is my first Helm, btw, so sorry for the newbie questions.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

This makes sense, just be aware that the files service is only accessibe via the primary Helm domain.

Unless something has changed since I last inquired, be aware that there is no equivalent to “domain aliases” where you can set up the email address X, and domain B is an alias of domain A so email sent to either X@A and X@B goes to the same inbox. The “Helm way” is that each domain has its own set of email addresses, which makes more sense if you don’t expect the domain alias feature from other systems. Enjoy setting up your Helm!

Thank you both for your response. I decided to just bring over my existing domain.

On an unrelated question, when I migrate my gmail inbox, will it also bring over the attachments?

Thanks again!

Yes, attachments are included when you do an IMAP import from your Gmail account. Please note that the Google option for email import doesn’t work and you’ll need to select Other (IMAP). Google changed requirements for exporting email from their system. We went back and forth with them for about a year and could never get approval which has been pretty frustrating.

Oh cool re attachments. And thanks for the heads up on picking IMAP when importing GMail!

You guys are awesome!!! Thank you!