Reselling Helm V2 Device

I am debating migrating my domain to an online service and selling my device. This stems from no updates happening and lack of faith in the team to implement any new features. Has anyone done this or have any advice on how to do this?


Nope. 9 months in and I’m happy with my device and service I’ve been getting.

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I am not sure the yearly subscription price is worth it.

For having a trouble free service I don’t have to maintain and the data lives where I want it to, $8/mo doesn’t seem unaffordable

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I’m actually happy there haven’t been any new features. I bought this because it does one thing extremely well. Its delivered on that promise since day one.

I do agree with you and will not be renewing unless they fix a few issues as well. As for re-selling your unit, I suggest you accept the loss

What is the process to resell? Has the Helm team responded anywhere? How much memory did you order?

Helm has not replied to this thread. I currently have a 512GB.