Receiving mail from servers with private IPs

Is there a way to whitelist sending users or sending IPs? I have hosts that I would like to have able to send mail that only exist in private IP space.

It’s my understanding that you cannot. I believe all traffic is tunneled through an AWS instance so even email from your local network goes through public Internet space when sent.

Actually, you can bypass AWS by simply adding local DNS entries for your helm server. You can connect via CLI and test SMTP commands. You can send emails to internal accounts, relaying is denied though. I imagine this also works through AWS but have not tried. I keep meaning to setup my printer for emailing scanned documents but have been too lazy. lol

Yes - also if you have a DHCP reservation for your Helm on your network so it always gets the same IP (which you should have set up for Helm Files), you can access the Helm server via that local IP on your local network using the standard ports. You may encounter cert verification errors as the Let’s Encrypt certs are issued based on the publicly accessible domains and not the private IPs but the clients may be able to ignore those.

Hmm, for some reason, the first time I tried accessing things locally, it didn’t work, but this time it seems to be working fine.

Thank you!

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