Pre-ordered Helm v2 Domain setup

I have pre-ordered the Helm v2, never had the v1. Is there a way for me to reserve or set up the domain that I want to use with my Helm prior to receiving the device? I read this was possible in the support section, but it only referenced the v1.

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I went to GoDaddy and found the domain I wanted and purchased it from GoDaddy.

@CU_Tiger I have a domain I have already purchased from GoDaddy that I will be using with the Helm as a secondary domain. However, there is another domain that I want to have, just not enough to pay for it on GoDaddy. I was reading through the support section and saw that you could reserve a domain for use prior to receiving the device, but the instructions are for the v1 and do not hold with what I have seen in pre-order and order confirmation emails.