Power - USB-C PD supply?

Has anyone used a standard USB-Power Distribution power supply and a USB-C cable to power the Helm? I’m reworking the UPS and the wall wart is in the way (and a USB supply will power the Helm and a RPi I have in the same rack with only one AC outlet). The supply is rated for the same voltages and amperages as the supplied power supply.

I understand it’s ill-advised to use third-party supplies, but that’s kinda why I’m asking…

Hi there - a USB C PD compliant power supply that can do 45W or greater should be able to negotiate properly with a Helm.

Just a suggestion, you might consider an outlet saver. It’s a sort extension comes in handy.



Thanks - I ended up getting some like the first link but with pass-through outlets on the back of the plugs - worked great, Home Depot of all places had them at similar price.

I can also confirm that a third party USB-PD compliant power supply does work. (And incidentally that the RPi4 is not PD compliant and doesn’t share nicely, though several of the bigger USB bricks do supply the requisite 3A on the A ports and an A-to-C cable works for the Pi. 3s don’t present this problem so use an3 unless you need a 4 - and a 3 will run PiHole just fine.)