Power button and LEDs V2

Hi All,

I’ve been spending a bunch of time with my new V2 and it’s great. I’m really happy with setup and generally how it works. So glad I got it.

While I’ve searched around, I can’t find out the proper way to reboot/power down the unit. I don’t feel like unplugging it is correct. The button on the back doesn’t seem to do anything when simply pressed. I did press and hold it at one point and it started blinking white and blue. I then double-pressed it and it started blinking white and purple.

Which brings me to my second question. Is there an LED legend that explains the blink/color patterns?

Hi there -

A 5 second press initiates pairing mode (flashing blue/white).
A 10 second press initiates a soft shutdown.
Pressing the power button 5 times will upload logs (flashes purple collecting logs, and then flashes purple/green when successfully uploaded. Purple/red indicates a network issue prevent log uploads).

More information is available here: What do the different LED patterns and colors mean? – Helm Support


Those times seem a bit off, at least for my V2:

8-10 seconds for pairing mode
20-25 seconds for shutdown