Postmaster account not working

I have been working on deliverability issues and support has not been much help. Seems I can move my emails out of spam from various Gmail and outlook accounts until I am blue in the face and I still wind up in spam on emails to people who don’t manually move me. This is an issue as i have emailed a few companies that use Gmail only to never get a response…have to call, etc, etc.

So, found out I am on a list at

The only email option to delisted is the postmaster account. I have an alias, enabled the catch all account setting and try to send an email to postmaster with no luck.

Any help appreciated.

This worked for me and a couple others…

Thanks for this, it was extremely helpful. Wish I could get better deliverability with helm, I may have to get back to o365.

They should build an smtp server with a great reputation and send all outgoing mail through it. Just my 2 cents.

Yeah, lot of good help in that thread. Would be nice if there was an easy way to “sanitize” an IP address (and a domain).

Good luck. I’m also flagged on their block list and no one using Gmail can get my message delivered to their inbox. The message about my entry on their block list is:

This IP was flagged due to misconfiguration of the e-mail service or the suspicion that there is no MTA at it.

I emailed support about it and was told that:

The Helm has an internal mailbox where postmaster emails go and so they’re not accessible.

I never received a response to my follow up request inquiring how they could help me get off the block list.

I’ve tried adding the abuse@domain alias, but both links to delist only offer me the option of utilizing postmaster.

Good luck - if you have success, I’d love to hear about it. I like the concept of this service, but my renewal is coming up soon and I’m strongly leaning towards another email provider so that people will actually see emails that I send.

I did have success getting off that list. I created the abuse account and the next day it showed up in the list of email addresses yo select from. Seems stupid to have a postmaster account that no one can access.

Unfortunately, getting off that list did nothing to help the gmail spam issue.

I too love this concept, and for 100 per year (minus initial costs) is not bad for as many email addresses as you can create, but people not getting my email is a real issue. Currently looking at switching.

Wish I could be more help. I am not on any list as far as i can tell…

unfortunately after a few weeks of helm support, i have switched to o365. I get that new IP’s may need “warming up” but i have spent as much time on this as I want to… email shouldn’t be this hard.