Poll: How much storage do you want on your Helm V2?

UPDATE: FAQ added below

Hi everyone,

As we are working through sourcing components, it would be helpful to know what storage capacity you intend to purchase for our forecasting needs. We would really appreciate a vote below.


Helm V2 Storage Capacity
  • 256 GB - $199
  • 512 GB - $249
  • 1TB - $349

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Q: What types of data would I use Helm storage for?
A: Email, calendars, contacts, files, photos, videos. Additional services in the future may also use Helm storage. For example, providing local backup services for Time Machine and Windows Backup is something Helm servers might do in the future.

Q: Can online backup that’s in the subscription expand to support the onboard SSD storage? How about expandable storage?
A: The standard $99/yr subscription plan includes 128GB of encrypted backup. We will have additional plans that provide 512GB of backup at $149/year and 2TB at $299/year. We will be evaluating going beyond 2TB later this year as well as customers express interest in this.

Q: Will Helm V2 support expandable storage?
A: Yes, Helm will support expanding storage via USB-C drives.

Q: Will Helm V2 on-board storage be user upgradeable?
A: No, on-board storage of 256GB, 512GB or 1TB will not be user upgradeable.

Q: Will Helm V2 storage be mountable on my Mac or Windows machine?
A: Not at this time. We may consider offering network drive access in the future but it’s not currently planned for.


The answer really depends on if storage can be expanded on v2 hardware. With expandable storage I’d go for 512GB, but if that feature won’t arrive I’d go for 1TB.


I’m not sure if my vote is submitted or not, but I’d go for the 1tb model. It is hard to have too much storage.


I will go with Jeff’s comment and add on - the storage size will depend on both the availability of the (once promised but never delivered with V1) expansion capability and the types of services the device will support. If full nextcloud is offered (and not the stripped down file share version) then obviously more is better.

After all, you can get a decent 1T SSD for less than $80 US

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I would be interested in the 1TB…I have never gone wrong buying more storage than what you think you will need.

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I agree, I don’t think I would ever have 1TB of email, but who knows what features might be coming 2 or 3 years out. Plus it could be like my X1 Carbon where everything soldered in place or the Microsoft surface tablets, glued together.

I went and looked at my Gmail account and in 12 years I only have 53GB of crap in there so I’m thinking the default might be okay for me. But I assume I can have more than one account on there and if I add other accounts, over time I’ll be flirting with that default limit. I agree with others who say that it depends on the upgrade path for more space. Why note make a base 128G with the option of user added additional internal storage space locally (if that’s not in the default spec).

1 TB memory requested

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Concur with Jeff and Daniel

We would prefer the 1TB for storage.

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Other factors include:

  1. Can your expand the online backup to backup the entire onboard SSD 1TB?

  2. Can the entire Helm V2 be mounted as a disk on a Mac. (My backup company is 0 storage limit for anything you can mount to your Mac as if it were an external disk).

512GB feels right but I’m not sure I’ll know until I’m using it.

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128GB should be fine for me. Thanks.

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1TB would be the way to go, considering that my Apple Cloud storage has grown to appr. 256GB in just about four years’ time. Setting up the device, migrating all my data (emails, photos, etc.), ensuring it works: this will take time and some dedication. Once this is up and running I do not want to change it for at least a few years.


What Nextcloud apps are going to use more storage than the file sharing?

Guess that depends on your definition of decent. For kicks I did a search on Amazon and NewEgg for 1TB NVMe SSDs and I couldn’t find anything reputable for $80. Most good brands with a decent warranty are around $120 or more so their price seems pretty reasonable to me!

The 1 TB version is requested

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I would order 1 TB memory

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Physical ability to expand physical and attached storage is definitely desirable features to have available.

512 GB for me, please.

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