Picking a Domain Name

We have reserved V2.0 and are awaiting its arrival.
In the meantime, we are thinking about what domain name we will use.
I have read about some of the “rules” about what works and what does not.
We do not have a business or commerce presence, we only have a private email, calendar, contacts, and cloud storage.
We are considering a format such as “@rbm1923.com”.
If we go this route, will the spam filters of the recipients that we send email to have an issue with 3 random letters accompanied by numbers?
I don’t want to pick a domain name that causes my emails to end up in everyone’s spam folder.
Your thoughts?

This is a great question. We have ordered a Helm V2/.0 as part of our plan to disconnect from Big Tech and privacy intrusions.

We are looking at only personal family email, calendar, contacts, etc.

we are thinking of @[lastname]Family

Does anyone have any information on what characteristics force emails into spam?

Not per se, but I have a name@[surname].family domain and it works great. I did have to have some friends send mail to me first before they could receive mail from my domain. But since then no issues.