Physical security of the server

Hello - new here and considering a move to the Helm. Will have a couple of questions, but this one’s the first:

If I lose physical access to the server (i.e., someone breaks into the house and steals it) how are my emails protected in the server? I am guessing that they will be inaccessible without the USB key, but I’d like to confirm.


That’s correct, don’t keep the USB key plugged into the device. It’s all encrypted on the device and relatively safe as long as the thief doesn’t have access to the USB key.

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So it should be fine if the key is kept in a safe, for example.

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That is my security protocol. I thought about storing it in a family members safe but then figured that may be inconvenient for the other times that I may need it. For example I traded in my phone for a new phone and then needed the key to re-enroll my new phone with the app to administer the helm. It would have been a pain to drive a few hours to get it from a family member.

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Buy a fire proof safe to put the key in. Plus you can put other important documents in it. They range from $50-$100 for small ones on amazon.

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I to wonder about Helm’s server security…
Is our Helm hardware with it’s own firewall that secures your connected home or business network connection it happens to be place on?

Please see “How Helm Works — Part 1: Networking” for lots of relevant information about the Helm’s network architecture and threat model.

Thanks for the link pmocek.
Not much reveling done there but for the info given seems promising.
Looking around I found a bloomberg vid on the announcement as they came from stealth mode to the publics eye.

Initial vision to supply a needed relief for the drain hole wide open cloud structure.

Also includes a set-up demonstration of v1 Helm (warning it has ads)…skip to-
demonstration 1
or another demonstration demonstration 2

Both the two first vids mentions social media and I was wondering if people knew-
As of the end 2019, there were 3.84 Billion social media users worldwide.
2.2 Billion Active Facebook Accounts
800 Million Active Instagram Accounts
330 Million Active Twitter Accounts
260 Million Active Linkedin Accounts
225 Million Active Snapchat Accounts

Because our life as active web users, our elife mirror is recorded online without our consent.
That’s where a lion’s share of incriminating evidence ends up. The Trojan Horse, which misleads users of its true intent.
The stratagem subterfuge effect if you will.

According to a 2017 survey by R H Legal, 52% of lawyers have reported an increase over the past two years in lawsuits involving posts, images, and data found on social media.
According to the ILTA 2018 Litigation and Practice Support Survey, 90% of law firms conducted social media discovery that year, with a 46% increase in firms handling at least 20 matters per year involving social media evidence.
Demographics continue to fuel the rise of social media matters in courts of litigation.

Then to end with I spent hours before this post and I do know a little more on Helm general.
This was mentioned in one vid by Giri and I believe either gives a fuller account or break down of Helm overview.