PC access on V2?

I was curious if the Version 2 will be able to accessed on a PC platform vs an app as what I understand V1 was. I am interested in a PC or MAC access as my husband is “old school” and works on a PC, not a phone and needs access thru a web browser not an app on a phone. My knowledge of the first version is just what I have read here and the product description said it was all thru the app…

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An iOS or Android device is only required to set up and administer the Helm server. After that, all the services like email and file sharing/sync can be used on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops using free apps. We don’t have any current plans for browser-based management of the Helm at this time.

Hope that helps answer your question.

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Thank you for the reply. Can’t wait for V2 to be released!

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To clarify a bit, you will just need to use a mail client like Mail.app or Outlook on your Windows or Mac computer. There are free versions included with both operating systems. I use mail.app on my Mac daily with my Helm server accounts. These take a few steps to set up (documented in the Help support pages) but once done, there’s no logging in or fussing, you just click the icon for Mail and it starts up and checks your Helm accounts.


Giri: I’ve asked this question previously. Please answer it. Might have an impact on whether I finally buy or not.

QUESTION: Will you provide the Helm App in the F-Droid or Aurora Store?

BLUF: For a $400 appliance, it really needs to have a browser based configuration, command line and or SSH setup. These APPS only method are for kids.