Outlook client on iPhone not connecting

I have successfully connected to my helm via outlook on my desktop and via the built in mail app on my iPhone however I can’t connect via the Outlook app on the phone. I have specified the correct ports for both imap and smtp server (both via :port at the end of the host and explicitly in the port field), I have tried user names both ways (with and without the @domain value). I am using the correct settings particular to the this device as specified by helm and I still get an error about smtp failing.

Must be missing something simple

You need to use the full email address as the username.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried the username (both for imap and smtp) as “mike” and “mike@XXXXXXX.com”. "mike@XXXXXXX.com is the “username” specified on the helm app email screen for this device/client.

I have used these settings (for other devices) sucessfully in the iphone mail client, my desktop outlook instance and emclient for the desktop (different devices obviously) so I know all is functional on the helm side I think.

We have edited your post to remove mentions of your domain

Have you checked the SSL/TLS settings associated with the SMTP server in the e-mail client settings? When using 587 for SMTP, I usually have to also manually specify that the e-mail client should use TLS encryption.

Hi there -

We have been able to re-create the bug. It looks like there is an issue with Microsoft Outlook for iOS that is interfering with proper IMAP support.

To push Microsoft to resolve this problem, in the Outlook app, please go under Settings->Help&Feedback->Contact Outlook Mobile Support->Yes

It will tell you there is an issue with your security certificate, but we can assure you there is not. If you are command line savvy, you can confirm this yourself:

openssl s_client -connect helm.<yourdomain>:993
openssl s_client -connect helm.<yourdomain>:587 -starttls smtp

Start a new conversation and lodge the issue with Microsoft. Hopefully this will help them prioritize getting this resolved.


This is the latest we have from Microsoft:

“It has been verified that this is a known issue and it has been forwarded to our engineering team already for further investigation. We do not have an estimated time for a fix just yet but we encourage users to stay tuned for our next app updates.
We apologize for this inconvenience and if you have other questions about the Outlook app, feel free to message us anytime. Thank you!”