Outage yesterday 8/9/20

Figured I’d post this here, but did anyone else have an email outage yesterday? From everything I could see my DNS was setup correctly for my non helm email and even my helm owned email wasn’t working. It said the device was online, my internet was up, but no email all day. Today I have email, though nothing from yesterday, which is strange as I ordered some things online and did not get the confirmation orders as expected.

I have put a ticket in with support but haven’t heard back yet and was wondering if I was the only one who had issues yesterday.

My system went off line Friday, even though the status logs and log files indicated no problems. Support has been looking into the issue.

No issues experienced yesterday. I wish I could have access to more of the logs myself so I could perform some analysis/debugging. More times than I like to admit, I’ve simply rebooted the Helm if my email application isn’t able to make a connection. I have 2 Helm units - the one running in my house is subjected to numerous network changes and experimentation on my part that causes connectivity glitches. The other Helm is running in a small business where connection & Helm uptime has been super-good. However, there have been a couple times when I wish there was a way to reboot that Helm using the app.

its all good. turns out there is a manual process for renewals and if they don’t do it your mail stops working. It happens… and thankfully it was on sunday when I didn’t get much mail, but I really hope the work that out as its not ideal to renew your service and then have it stop working.

No problems with mine: email on on every domain name,every day for a very long time, no delays, and I would know especially for the 9th thru today bec of extremely impt emails coming thru perfectly on time. I don’t recall Helm server having issues with my email. Although there is plenty of downtime of my ISP’s so-called service since January, unfortunately, bec it’s so 'tastic, ya’ll.