One email accessed by multiple users

How do I add a common email account to multiple users and devices? I have two user accounts, the administrator account has three email accounts; mine and two general accounts. The second user account, my wife’s, has her email account only. I need to be able to add the two general accounts to her account as well. How do I do this? I know how do this with a standard mail accounts however Helm’s use of different devices for the same account makes this complicated.

I actually have the same scenario - my wife and I share an email address that we use for business transactions. I haven’t tried this yet because I’m still ramping up, but I think you’ll just add a your wife’s device to the helm Email account and then she can sign into the email as well as you.

You can add the email account without the need for the helm app. Once the user account is created by the administrative helm account you can view the settings and the generated password. Use those to set up multiple email accounts on one device or shared email accounts etc.