Nextcloud/Helm Backup

Anyone have suggestions of how to back up the Helm? I have a good amount of data stored on Nextcloud through my Helm but am worried about device failure.

I’ll let someone more knowledgeable comment on your data storage, but here’s what I do for email. Since email is my lifeblood, I’m over-the-top about backing it up, so:

  1. Naturally, I use Helm’s not-so-automatic daily back-up function. It has been failing more often than not, lately, so I check it daily and force a manual backup when it fails.

  2. I backup my Outlook .ost file daily to the cloud and to a removable drive. Be aware that many cloud backup services will not backup the folder containing the .ost file. In fact, your local backup software will probably exclude the folder, too, unless you specifically include it.

  3. The locally-stored .ost file will get zapped if there’s a complete failure, so I periodically export my .ost file to a .pst file, store it locally and back it up over the cloud and to a removable drive.

Kind of a belt-and-suspenders solution and not particularly elegant, but it lets me sleep nights.

I hope this helps.

Nextcloud client on your Windows/MAC/Linux PC is a decent backup for Nextcloud content. Additionally, if you backup your PC (you should, obviously) would back that up again.