Nextcloud/Files Access behind CGNAT

So, I’m aware that Helm uses AWS to get a public IP and then to likely do port forwarding over a VPN tunnel back to the device for email, but it seems like Files/Nextcloud is still needing port forwarding done on the local router/firewall.

I recently just got this device setup for a friend who wanted his own email server, and was happy he didn’t yet have Starlink because I wasn’t aware of the need to have a public IP for the files bit.

So, my question is, before I recommend these devices to more people, is there any possibility of doing the port forwarding for the Nextcloud aspect over the same AWS tunnel/IP? Is this is a concern over bandwidth charges on the AWS side? If so, could it be maybe an additional yearly fee?

I’m really a fan of this whole approach Helm takes to email/nextcloud myself, and if things like this (and the lack of admin UI outside a phone app) could be fixed/addressed, I could see even moving myself over from my own email/nextcloud setup.

We don’t support routing that traffic over the tunnel at this time - precisely for the reason you mentioned (bandwidth costs).

We have customers on Starlink using the Files service - what is the issue or concern? There is a public IP available from their service.