New to Helm and I have some questions

Per the title, I received my appliance this week and have been going through the process of setting it up and I have some questions.

Is it necessary/why would I setup multiple users on the app? I am the only one who is going to use the app, others are just going to access email/calendar and such via the usual device apps eg. Thunderbird, Outlook. Why would I create individual users, each with their own emails?

Is there a way to administer the appliance from a browser? Using a phone is pretty agricultural.

When setting up email accounts why does an account require a unique device assignment? I access my email accounts across 4 or 5 devices with some emails accounts existing on another two to three devices. Having up to 8 different passwords for the one email account configured on numerous devices seems pointless.

What happens to email with a power outage? Is it just dropped or does email cache with Helm and then download once the appliance is back up and running?

I cant seem to get mail import to work from my existing office365 service. Does this work? If so how? if not, how do you transfer email history into Helm?

My wife runs an email account hosted on our Helm through a secondary user account on the box. Her address is on a completely different domain.

No. The Helm doesn’t have a web browser for email or administration. They say this improves the security model, and I can believe it. Having a web GUI would open up a new attack vector for the box.

If a device is lost or stolen that device can be isolated and removed from the account without impacting other devices. If a tablet is lost at an airport it’s possible to remove that device-specific password without impacting the other devices.

My understanding is the emails queue somewhere (I think in the AWS web instance) and deliver when the device comes online. Mine was offline for about 12 hours during the deep freeze last winter and emails came through when it came back online.

Thanks jeffwaldo.I discovered why the need for separate user accounts when I was setting up my wife’s email account; I was tryign to name her device “Mobile” but it kept telling me that name already existed. It did; I had named a device the same for my email.

Thankyou for the bit about power outage. We dont have many, only 1 or two for no more than an hour or so each year during storm reason. I was considering getting a small UPS to run my modem, router, and the Helm appliance. But if it does actually cache elsewhere I might wait and see. I had read an article where the writer mentioned that if the device was off and mail couldn’t be delivered the server might be blacklisted as a result.

If you are concerned about having long outages, you can use a backup email service like where they are added as an additional MX record and mail queues with them till your Helm comes back online. I have been considering using them and confirmed that support can add the additional MX record in DNS to support the service.

How does this service work? I have not tried something like this before.

The backup service is basically just an email server that only gets mail forwarded to it when your primary email server is down, in this case your Helm device. Once your Helm comes back up it then forwards all the mail that it has back to your primary server to be delivered. Mail gets routed to it by having a second MX record added in DNS with a Priority of something like 20. The service just stores your mail, it does not allow you to check your email or anything so until your Helm comes back online your email just sits there on their server waiting for your Helm to come back online to deliver your email.