Need to sell my Helm V2

I have a Helm V2 (512GB) that’s still in the box; it’s never been powered on. It arrived here on almost the same day that fiber internet service finally arrived in our area. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to get my Helm V1 working with my fiber service provider’s network, though it works just great with the ghastly DSL service we’ve suffered for a couple of decades. Giri tried very hard to help solve the problem but my fiber provider’s tech services have been most unhelpful. I really like the Helm, but I’ll not continue to pay for DSL now that my house has a fiber connection.

So after months of fiddling with the problem, it’s time to move on. If anyone would like to buy a pristine Helm V2, please chime in.


Hey @JRG, can you ship internationally? I’m happy to bear the shipping cost.

Hi @JRG I’ve been on the waitlist for almost a year. If you have not sold your V2, I’d love to purchase it. I am in New York City. Happy to pay for shipping if you are in the US.

NYC? I’m not far away. Let’s discuss this elsewhere, please.

loesljrg @ gmail dot com

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Please let me know if this is still available. I am in the US (East Coast) and thinking about upgrading my V1 to a V2 and giving my V1 to my son for his family.

The V2 has been sold. Thanks to all for the interest expressed.