My Xmas Wish List

Love my Helm. Had it for almost a year now. Couple of things I would love to see added to it…

  1. Use of the 2.5" sled. Would love to drop my 1TB GDrive account, but need somewhere to put that data!
  2. 2FA. Would love to setup yubikeys!
  3. Webmail. I just hate configuring clients.

Anyway, thanks for a great product Helm!

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Ditto! Please… On all three ideas!

Can’t say I share the enthusiasm for webmail, at least if it is visible to the public Internet. Once VPN is in place, clients could access a LAN webmail portal and that would be OK.

Could always make it an optional feature, much like the Nextcloud functionality which is also a web based front end.

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Add me to those who want the sled - or even more the long promised expansion functionality. The site still talks about 5T of storage. Not seeing it…

Any ETA on the storage upgrade?