My Helm V2 still Shuts Down like After 8 Hours - I Might need a new unit

My Helm V2 has not worked consistently since I got it. It started off where it would work for a day before going offline. Not its every 8-12 hours. All the feedback from Support has not resulted in any results.

At what point do I just cut bait?


Assume you’ve confirmed that its now a power problem? The helm has a battery and (based on empirical evidence) it will power off the unit if there is a loss of power for around 1-3min.

Once you’ve exhausted reasonable troubleshooting, seems reasonable to RMA the unit.

Having experienced similar issues, but not as often, I would request a replacement. So far, the new unit has operated flawlessly at almost a month. My issues were approximately 3 weeks apart. The main thing that I notice is that the replacement unit runs about 10 degrees cooler on average. Expect to work with the team to rule out basic issues, but can do that within a week.