Missing Features


I hate to put up a “gripe” post, so I’m doing it in the spirit of improvement.

But considering Helm was advertised first as an email server, I think there are some very basic features that are missing.

The two that I’ve come across are auto-repsonse/ vacation message and mail forwarding. These are super basic to any email setup.

Also, please don’t suggest clients that do this. They are all features that are typically based on the client server-side.

My hope is that Helm can also layout a timetable for rolling these features out since our returns are only 30 days out from delivery.

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These aren’t missing features - you can do this server side using Sieve. Grab a Sieve client like this one: GitHub - thsmi/sieve: Sieve Script Editor (I use this b/c it’s got a GUI builder for rules)

Sieve is only exposed via the local network IP so you’ll have to accept the certificate error since your domain resolves to the public IP and not the local IP.

Then you can define rules for auto-responders and mail forwarding. And a lot more. I use it and it works great. I found Gandi has good documentation on Sieve: How to Use Sieve Filters to Filter Your Email | Email - Sieve | Gandi Documentation


I will give it a try for sure. I was hesitant because the first Sieve iteration I found was command line. But the GUI should be a big help. Thank you!

But these features are typically accessible through the HTML/ webmail interface of an email service. But Sieve

Another missing feature. :wink:

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Wow, this is amazing. I had no idea that my Helm had Sieve built in, or that the Sieve Script Editor app was so fully developed. This should be documented somewhere for others… I guess you’ve done it now, for this feature anyway. :slight_smile: