Migrating from Gmail

I am a new 1TB V2 owner. I’m trying to migrate from Gmail; however, when I do this in the app, I get an error from Google which says, “This app is blocked”. I enabled less secure apps and that didn’t fix it. Has anyone had any success?


The Oauth-based Gmail importer no longer works. We’ve jumped through many hoops in an effort to get it reauthorized, without success, and understand that we are far from alone in this regard.

The IMAP importer, however, should work just fine as long as you have explicitly enabled IMAP access in your Gmail account and are using the right server settings. Can you confirm that you’ve done that and are using the values described in their support article here: Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help ?

Has anyone gotten email import to work? I’ve tried: Gmail (imap), yahoo (imap), and another 3rd party imap provider but get an authentication error on each one. I’m guessing I am doing something wrong. I’ve looked at the support articles from helm and it looks like I’m doing it as I should but I must be missing something.

Hi there - please contact support with the error and we can help you troubleshoot. The feature does work as we have a lot of customers coming online and migrating their mail over. Perhaps there’s some edge case or an issue with how it’s being used that we can help you resolve.