Mesh Wifi/Smart Home Control

We are anxiously awaiting our V2 Helm Server to take that next step in our efforts to divorce all things Google.
The other day my wife and I were talking about a product. No text, no email, no internet search, of any type. The next thing I know, there are ads popping up about it when later on I used Google Chrome.
Apparently, our Google Home system heard us and “kindly” thought it was a good idea to direct us to take the next steps to purchase what we were talking about.
OK, Helm, you dudes seem like you are pretty smart about this whole internet security stuff. How about expanding your know-how and come up with a Helm wifi mesh system and integrate that with providing wifi connectivity with the 35 wifi devices I have in my home so my wife and I can have a conversation without Google listening in.

It would be pretty cool if they looked at becoming a Thread router.