Maxed out Storage; intermittent connection

I started having intermittent connectivity issues last week that got progressively worse. Now, I can barely get a glimpse of my helm as ‘online’ via the app before it goes offline again.

I was finally able to see the status and noticed my storage is maxed out. I have tried to remove files from the NextCloud server, but the helm doesn’t stay online long enough to register the change.

Has anyone run into this issue? Any ideas?

I hit this same issue about 6 months ago… maybe longer. After working with support, they determined it was a bug. I was advised that I should hard reset my helm server which I did. I believe they ran some remote commands as well(?). Either way, it didn’t work - email is unaffected but nextcloud has not worked for me since I maxed out my storage. As far as I know, the fix should come with the new firmware update that has been delayed for some time now. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Try opening a ticket with support, maybe their fix will work for you.

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