Maintaining Helm for Best Performance

I would like suggestions on things users, here in the community, do to boost performance and maintain their Helm server.

Post anything. It doesn’t have to pertain to storage. Whatever makes life easier with the Helm. I’m sure we can all learn something from one another.

It’s probably obvious and commonsense. Nevertheless, once a week, I go through my emails, contacts, calendars and NextCloud. Sort everything, then purge and delete the rest. This allows me to free up space, otherwise being wasted.

Once a month, I unplug the server and wait for the blinking light to go off, then plug it back in and reboot. This is just good practice. I’ve noticed, I always have more space each time I do this. If I had to guess this refreshes the cache.

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It might help if we knew what to focus on. Is there something in particular that isn’t as fast as you think it should be?

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@louisk Thank you for your response.
Everything is working well since firmware 1.809. The storage is the main concern. My focus is keeping the amount of data accumulated to a minimum.

I have noticed sometimes sent emails are delayed after a couple weeks of not cleaning and purging accounts. There might be something else I’m missing.

Others have shown concern in other areas, hence this post.

I also want this to be a resource for future users. This is one of the reasons I asked for others to give there routines. It might be of use to others.

Of course, once the storage expansion firmware is released this will alleviate a lot of the issues of storage constraints.

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I set up static DNS entries for “files” and “helm” on some internal LANs so that when home my devices don’t go out through AWS for access. This also works well for my current VPN solution. There is a noticeable difference in speed for files.

Other than that, I pretty much leave the Helm alone on it’s isolated VLAN. I pay to have someone else manage my email, so performing any recurring tasks would annoy me. lol

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That’s interesting. I’m running a vpn but I haven’t explored locking down the DNS. I may have some questions for you later.

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I use a pihole for DNS resolution/sinkhole. Easy to add static entries. Currently using OpenDNS to add some initial content/geo filtering as well, but looking to move to Cloudflare for DoH. Will look for some content filtering lists to import to pihole, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Ok. I use Cloudflare on many of my devices now. I have a small GL.iNet router with Cloudflare and vpn fw built into it. I’m running OpenVPN on it now. I may move my Helm over to it and load Cloudflare. Thanks for the info.

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