Mail - Chat - Social - Tunnel

Would Helm grow to offer these features bundled in of Chat, Social and Tunnel for not only our mail but whole computers traffic

I’ve got a Librem One by Purism subscription.
Librem One is a growing bundle of ethical services as Mail, Chat, Social, Tunnel. librem one
Was wondering if the Helm Team has herd of the bundle and their thoughts to incorporate something like these missing in Helm or negotiate a benefit to both companies to man a member on the others crew to tap benefits for both companies customers.

I can’t speak for Helm, merely from a fellow tech and privacy enthusiast.

I am personally not in favor of Librem - or their One platform. Let’s focus on the latter so the discussion doesn’t get derailed (I am particularly good at that). The apps powering Librem’s One platform are nothing more than rebranded open source apps which aren’t developed by Librem. For instance, the Mail application is K9 Mail. Social is Mastodon and Tusky.

One could argue whether it’s wise to have these external dependencies - and whether it is desirable from a user perspective to work with such a model. Because of these different rebranded applications, the interface and ‘user experience’ vary greatly per app. There is no coherent interface.

Ideally, a vendor like Helm (or Librem) should develop these apps themselves - or use the existing projects and integrate them neatly so it forms a real platform, rather than just a bundled collection of totally different apps.

Also - I don’t have the answer: does Librem donate or contribute back towards K9 Mail, Mastodon, Tusky, etc?

Good points if your building a snipe hunt for the bottom line in hype on a companies privacy for sale.
That’s what I look for too as first in any claims they make on it and then how closed off a companies privacy applies to actually using (them) in the overall benefits for the invested $.
Meaning others have to be with you in for it to succeed or it’s not much good really (living on the dead-end street by yourself).
I don’t video chat but Librem software covers it.

I differ then from you in open source, as it has filled a lot of the rolls in big techs software (maybe a piece here and/or there). Tech and real big platforms use different open source applications integrated in what goes out their brands door.
Never rebranded but incorporated O - Source helps to make up their brand where it’s being used in. Strongest point for open source software is a fact many eyes are on it’s endeavor and a breach or critical flaw happens to it. You have a fix in pipe line more quickly being roiled out.
As long as this piece of open source has a strong following caring about it.

My OP was a question of what if or what’s possible, none the less insight of another privacy product that could be fusible in the Helm’s instance.
The mail part as well all Librems soft (except Tunnel) has it like this-
Mix and match:
Use the official app, or a compatible app. Use our app on a compatible service.
Connect from any device with a compatible app.

It’s always up to the own persons of a device/life call to check something out or let it go.
Though this was neat - Junk

I’m not a Librem (Fanboy) it’s just catchy to hear-
“Each client Purism offers as part of Librem One utilizes free software across all platforms and encompasses a philosophy of decentralization (so you can communicate with other people on other systems), free software (so you can verify you are not being tracked or controlled), and standard protocols (so we advance sharing not vendor lock-in) as the underlying technology, this offers interoperability (so it plays nice with others) and self-hosting options (so you can host your own for your business, your friends or even yourself).”

This is my last post in the community, because of personal reason I’ll not share. But hey little groups as this can merge with other groups to help mankind against the data vacuums and tech titans. Keep up the agenda folks.
Thanks…been a pleasure for sure seeing and reading the members thoughts here.