Mac Update and CardDAV Issue

FYI for Mac users:
I updated my Mac to 10.15.4. This caused the Helm address book to ask for the password again. Found that I had to create a new CardDAV account before it would work.

All seems fine now. CalDAV and Email accounts were not affected.

I am also running 10.15.4 but haven’t seen any issue with Helm CardDAV accounts so far.

Who knows, could be something specific with my computer.

I did notice that Apple’s Address Book CardDAV account server settings listed the Server Address as http (not https). I attempted to change the Server Address to https (and enter the account password). In doing so, this created a new/duplicate account that worked.

All odd behavior after applying the 10.15.4 update. Fortunately access to the Helm continues to be working as expected.