Lost my chance at a 1TB Helm?

After 8 months, my email to buy a 1TB Helm arrived around 10am yesterday! Exciting, but after glancing at the email notification on my phone I figured I’d take care of it after work. Big mistake! It was sold out again when I clicked the link a few hours later! Naively, I figured this was like any other business where I had “reserved” a unit and needed to claim it within a day or two.

Re-reading the email instead of scanning it, it does to say to hurry and of course I should have read it thoroughly. But seriously, where did I miss that I had not reserved a unit and this is just a free for all? The pre-order makes no mention of it. It says I’ll get an email when the helm is ready to order.

Am I now stuck waiting 8 more months for a 1TB?

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